ARCHIVE: 27 Weeks

Kate started her first cycle of the consolidation 2 phase yesterday (Monday, October 28th.) This second part of the consolidation phase will last roughly 27 more weeks. I say “roughly” because at any time, low counts and unexpected illness or infection could delay treatment. We are going to do every single thing possible to not let that happen, so with hopeful hearts, we begin the next 6-ish months. Continue reading “ARCHIVE: 27 Weeks”

ARCHIVE: Go There…but Don’t Stay There

Six words that helped me alter my perspective on how we were going to deal with the blow we’d just received about Kate’s cancer. This is courtesy of my friend, Michele, who I haven’t seen since she graduated a year before me in high school. I don’t know if she realizes the powerful impact of what she said to me back in those early days but it made a real difference. Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Go There…but Don’t Stay There”