The Soundtrack of my Life

Yesterday, I decided to share a snippit of my story with Coldplay because I had a dream they would read my post. (I also had a dream they sang Happy Birthday to me at the Kentucky Derby, but that didn’t happen.)

I fell in love with my husband while at a Coldplay concert…I can remember the precise moment. “The Scientist” played in the background. When we married years later, our recessional song was “Yellow.” When our beautiful daughter was born, it sort of morphed into our song…all three of us. “Look at the stars…look how they shine for you…” how fitting, no?

When that same beautiful daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of two, I couldn’t hear “Fix You” without her face coming to mind. (I still can’t.) Lyrics from the song are being engraved in her headstone. After she’d been in treatment a year, I made her a video with the song “Us Against the World.” When she reached the end of treatment, “Sky Full of Stars” was our anthem. She’d say “MY SONG MOMMY!” when we heard it together.

When she died in January of this year after relapsing from the same cancer she had just beaten 4 months earlier, I heard “Everglow” and felt like it was written just for me. It spoke to me so deeply that it’s now forever a part of my person; part of my Katie Girl’s tattoo.
I’ve heard “Paradise” a million times, but it took a new meaning to me the other day when I heard it again. I feel like every time I close my eyes, I dream of seeing my girl again…in Paradise.

Coldplay writes the soundtrack of my life and I am forever grateful.