Kate’s Cousins Make Their Voices Heard

Just as I wish there were bigger adjectives to describe the pain and loss I feel over Kate, I wish there were bigger adjectives to describe the PRIDE I feel in these two. My sister’s kids. My nephew, Alex and my niece, Jillian.

I am very close with these two; I have been since they were babies. I was there when both were born and would do anything in the world for them. They are really GREAT people; smart, funny, unique, hard-working and never hesitate to show their family that they love us. At 15 and 13, I think that’s pretty amazing. I don’t know if I’ve ever told them this….but Alex is the child who made me want a baby of my own some day. And Jillian is the child who made me want it to be a girl.

They were so excited to meet Kate when she was born…they loved her so much. Alex taught her how to hi-five. Jillian played and played and played with her. Ever wonder where her brilliant bow collection came from ? Big cousin Jills. Alex dressed up in pink for her…not once, but twice. And he also read “Nothing Gold Can Stay” at her funeral with his little sister at his side.

They lost their baby cousin. Watching their hearts break was a pain that, added onto my own, broke my heart into more pieces than it started with. I hated that they had to know about things like death and dying of a FOUR year old. It came as no surprise, but took my breath away all the same when they said they wanted to DO something. They want to HELP.

Together with their mom, they teamed up with The Truth 365 and my good friend, Mike Gillette, to share ideas, talk about ways they can be involved and how they want to crusade for their baby cousin. I have said before that this generation they are growing up in; THIS is the one I firmly believe is going to be the one to change the world of pediatric cancer awareness. THESE are the kids who are going to take a stand and make a CHANGE in our system. Too many of their siblings, cousins and friends are dying because 4% is not enough.

I will share more on The Truth 365 and our involvement with them over time. We are so proud to stand with them and #jointhemovement. My nephew is 15. My niece is 13. They get it. Do you?

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