An Ice Cream Social for Kate on Mommy’s Birthday

Birthdays after the loss of your child are HARD. You’re meant to ‘celebrate’ another trip around the sun, all while your child will never see another day, let alone another year. I dislike birthdays as a whole now. So this year, I wanted to do something DIFFERENT on my birthday and had the opportunity to host a fundraising event at a local business called Cookies & Cream, located in Haymarket, VA. (Haymarket is a hike from where my family lives and where the majority of my friends live. It’s not easy to get to after work on a week night BUT…the opportunity of 20% off of all sales for the night + it being an ice cream social – duh. Kate loved ice cream. + it being my birthday = too good to pass up. The owner? Yah, she’s just straight up GOOD PEOPLE who likes to give back to her community. She was amazing and her staff of young kids was awesome to watch.)

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