Cheryl Brooks

It is an honor to have been her “Gwamma” and it is an honor to be asked to sit on this Advisory Board.

The year 2010 started out a little tough on me. The company where I had worked for 20 years went bankrupt, I lost my job in May, then had a run-in with breast cancer. I was doing well and feeling fine when, on Thanksgiving Day, Lindsay and Mike announced they were going to have a BABY! And shortly thereafter they asked if I would like to be that baby’s “granny nanny.” Would I!?!  I was never so happy to accept a position in my life!!

Kate was born in June 2011, her mommy went back to work just before Labor Day, and my new “job” as caregiver for my Katie began. I spent virtually every week day with that precious child while her mommy and daddy were at work and enjoyed every. single. minute.

Then, in August of 2013, just two months after her 2nd birthday, our world came crashing down with her diagnosis of cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Kate’s prognosis was excellent, but treatment would be looooong and difficult. I was so, so grateful that circumstances conspired for me to be available to help with this most important job….getting Kate WELL.

We all know the story of what happened…her journey through the world of childhood cancer, a voyage none of us ever could have imagined and never, EVER wanted to take; her glorious four months off treatment; and then her crushing relapse and devastating death. I don’t use the word “devastating” casually — this was and is devastating.

The only conceivable way I will be able to live with this loss is to attempt to help, in some small way, with Kate’s Cause. I will do whatever I can to raise awareness, to raise money, and to attempt to raise the spirits of those still engaged in the battle.