Ice Cream Social 2017

Kate’s Cause had the opportunity to host a fundraising event at a local business called Cookies & Cream, located in Haymarket, VA.┬áThe owner loves to give back to her community and offers organizations the ability to host a three-hour event where 20% of all sales go directly to your cause! So on May 3, 2017, we celebrated Kate’s Mommy’s birthday with a good old fashioned ice cream social!

Friends came from all over. One friend drove almost 2 hours to be there and then spent the night on her feet, delivering orders. There were friends from our Tribe. From both our places of work. From high school. One friend from school brought her daughter and her camera and she snapped photos for us – showcasing the LOVE that filled that sweet old house in the middle of a parking lot in good ‘ole Anytown, USA.

People hugged fiercely. They wore their Kate’s Cause shirts. They bought us OUT of our Kate’s Cause merchandise. People totally unaware of the charity event going on that night from the community asked lots of questions. They looked at her pictures and they hugged us based solely on the fact that they, too, are parents and they just wanted a hug. We passed around babies. There was a “pay it forward” movement that went on and on and on with people doing Random Acts of Kateness, buying the ice cream for the guests behind them.

It was remarkable. For three hours, we entertained a huge crowd. Hugged a lot of familiar faces and hugged even more NEW faces. It was an absolutely beautiful May night albeit a little chilly. But people left frozen from the ice cream & chill in the air, but with warm hearts.