Megan Bloom

I am a people person with over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry with a focus on event planning. I’m one of those people who can, and will, talk to anyone and I plan to engage everyone in conversation about Kate’s Cause.

Megan BloomI am the mother of two amazing daughters, a supportive wife to my high school sweetheart, a strong independent woman and a fiercely loyal friend to my village. Kate will always be a part of my village. Lindsay and Mike will always be a part of my village.

Why I’m so passionate about Kate’s Cause? My why has many layers, but they all start with Kate’s mom, Lindsay. I started working with Lindsay when Kate was still in treatment and it was truly inspiring to see the love and dedication Lindsay had for her daughter. It was evident from the first day I met Lindsay that this woman LOVED being a mother and that Kate was her everything.

We became fast friends and I came to know Kate through her mother’s stories of laughter and tears. Especially magic was the way Lindsay’s face would light up when Kate called to tell her about her adventures with Grandma. Pure bliss and happiness.

I feel honored to have witnessed this bond. It changed me in profound ways and truly makes me strive to embrace motherhood and be a better mother every day. It has also sparked a strong passion in me to do something, to fight for a cure, and to honor Kate.