The 12 Days of Katemas

Grief and Christmas go together like fire & ice.

While the rest of the world is celebrating with their families, the holidays are one of THE most painful reminders to those of us deep in grief that we are without our loved one. When it is a child who has passed, the pain feels particularly raw. I’ll go one step further and say when it is a child like Kate, who loved EVERY SINGLE THING about the holidays, and who would now have been at a prime holiday “funnery” age, it’s just downright impossible.

So what do we do? Well, honestly, most days I try to ignore the carols and decorations. I avoid the channels playing the cartoon specials she & I would love to watch together. I do my shopping online to steer my heart clear of the festive music, sights and cheer she was so utterly mesmerized by. Every thing associated with Christmas is also associated with the end of her life for me, so even the sweetest of memories bring me to my knees.

But I also know that Kate would be so sad to know her mommy was so sad. So I try to do things that would make her happy. Make her proud. I decorate my Katemas tree. We donate whatever we can to those in need. And now? Because of THE MOST amazing friends, we share The Twelve Days of Katemas with you.

The heartfelt brain child of two dear friends as a surprise to me, we here at Kate’s Cause would like to invite you to join us. This holiday season we are spreading joy & kindness in memory of our girl, our beloved Kate Rhoades.

If you wish to participate in 12 Days of Katemas along with us, we’d love you to use the attached¬† cards to give out along with your act and to raise awareness of our Cause.¬† We invite you to share your acts of kindness with the our family on our Facebook Page by using hashtag #12daysofkatemas.

Be kind. Spread joy. Hold those you love close. Share Kate’s story and tell us how you’ve chosen to do so. It would mean the world to our family this holiday season.

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