Friends…today has been a celebration of gold, sparkles, prizes, happy smiles and friends. We shared in the joy of “no more chemo” with our nurses, doctors and a few clinic friends who are VERY special to us (two of whom were experiencing special “lasts” of their own!)

Today, Kate received her last “on treatment” blood draw and her last chemo…a methotrexate shot. It was celebratory and wonderful, but I want to share with you just exactly WHAT we are celebrating the end OF.
“No More Chemo” sounds awesome in EVERY way, but particularly when it is all added up.

Days on treatment:760 (half of her life)
Days in the hospital: 23
ER visits: 3
Methotrexate doses (chemo): 92
High Dose Methotrexate doses (chemo): 1 (required hospitalization)
6mp doses (chemo): 490
Cycles: 36 (1 induction, 11 consolidation and 24 maintenance)
Steroid doses: 414 (207 days)
Vincristine doses (chemo): 39
Doxorubicin/Zinicard doses (chemo): 10
Oncaspar doses (chemo): 30 over 15 weeks
Bone marrow biopsies: 2
Blood transfusions: 4
Platelet transfusions: 3
Surgeries: 2

This was, as we were told, the “easy” cancer. Make no mistake, nothing about this was easy. And yet…there are kids on treatment with numbers that surpass ours by HUNDREDS. As we end our journey and look forward to our next, please keep our other friends in your hearts and prayers that more than 4% is offered to our kids…for better and less harsh treatment and for a cure. Our kids deserve #morethan4.

Thank you, Kate’s Krew. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

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