Halloween – a KitKat Favorite

Kate’s favorite holiday was Halloween.

I’m not really sure why…she didn’t eat much candy besides M&Ms, Hershey bars, Hershey Kisses & Milky Way. She didn’t even want to trick-or-treat for hours at a time. She was perfectly content to hit up a cul du sac or two and be done. On any normal day, she was not a dress up kind of kid, but she loved her Halloween costumes and in the fall of 2014, wore her dino costume daily for about a month…even a bit after. I absolutely loved that costume. It framed her sweet little face and she just absolutely lit UP when she wore it. She’d walk around (or, stomp around, rather) and act like a dinosaur. She just wanted to wear it and pretend to be one.

She LOVED the decorations and seeing all of the fun at Michael’s & Target. She loved the black cats and ghosts and pumpkins. She loved carving the pumpkins, too, and even when she was too sick to participate, always had ideas about what our jack-o-lanterns should be. She would point out each & every porch that had a pumpkin (which was just about every single one.) She was obsessed with Halloween sprinkles for cupcakes and the plastic pumpkins we would use for trick-or-treating. She played with them all the time and used them to carry her little guys and collections to and from.

When she was a baby, we dressed her as a cow and a little angel fairy. The year she was diagnosed, she was way too sick from chemo to dress up and ended up in bed at 6:30 that night. She only got to trick-or-treat twice. Once as that sweet little dinosaur and the last time as Minnie Mouse. I often wonder what her costume choice would’ve been this year because she’d be five now…9 months older than she was the last time I got to talk to her…what would she have been into now?

I’ll never know and I’ll never forgive cancer for robbing us of this joyful, fun time with our girl. Our KitKat just radiated joy in every day moments. You can only just imagine how glowing she was on special occasions such as this.

Oh KitKat, how I miss you. How I miss you with every single part of me.

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