Kate’s Kindness Award 2018

Kate’s Cause had a really great morning. We got to surprise our friend Campbell with the first ever Kate’s Kindness Award, which is a gesture of thanks and appreciation for the kindness shown not only to our family but to Kate’s Cause. This is the first we’ve granted and something we hope will be an ongoing thing for years to come and it kicks off a new year in such a positive way.

Campbell is 12 years old and she and her family mean a great deal to us. It was such an honor getting to see her sweet face (and her family & friends) today. The video is posted below, along with what we shared with Campbell and her family:

“We’re here surprising Campbell Neiman with a very special, first-of-its-kind award, which is a gesture of thanks and appreciation for the kindness shown not only to our family but to Kate’s Cause. This is the first we’ve granted and something we hope will be an ongoing thing for years to come.

The award is called the “Kate’s Kindness Award” but it is truly inspired by Campbell.

Campbell’s efforts, passion and kindness towards our family, Kate’s Cause and OTHER organizations supporting children with cancer are astounding. For a girl who just turned 12 a few days ago (happy belated birthday!) Campbell has done some truly amazing things.

When she was just 9, Campbell marched & rallied with us at CureFest. She made posters and joined us in our protest march to the Capitol. She knew at just 9 that childhood cancer was something that needed MUCH more attention than it was getting and she was going to make her voice heard – alongside Kate’s Cause. Something we will NEVER forget. For her 10th birthday, she asked for nothing for herself, but rather, donations to Kate’s Cause. On that birthday she raised $160 and would continue this trend for years to come. In total, for Campbell’s last three birthdays, she has raised $880 for the Cause. All her idea. All her choice.

And then, this fall, Campbell and her travel soccer team called the Shenandoah FC (Football Club) Elite worked on a community service project as a team and together, chose to support Kate’s Cause with their efforts. Their fundraising brought in over $2300 for Kate’s Cause which blew EVERYONE away.

Campbell has attended every Kate’s Cause event she can – the PanKate breakfast being a favorite. This year, she recruited friends! She volunteered for the Kyle’s Kamp holiday store, helping patients select & wrap presents for their families. (What other 11 year old do you know who would do that??) She advocates, remembers and honors Kate at every chance she gets and she supports us in a thousand other ways.

Campbell, we are so grateful to have you in our lives. Your passion and dedication to help children with cancer is so contagious. We wish some adults had a fraction of the heart you do – to make our children a priority. There is something really special about you, and you are the embodiment of what I say often – that kids today are going to change our world. You already have. You do. And we are so proud to know you and get to have you in our circle.

To Daryn & Michele, Campbell’s parents and my friends from high school, I know how immensely proud you are. Thank you for letting Campbell be a part of our lives, and for letting us love her like we do. The apple obviously does not fall far from the tree here, and we are so thankful for your WHOLE family for the support we’ve been given from day one. It’s really amazing.

When we first started to discuss the idea of Kate’s Cause…a way to honor our daughter, I had these huge, grand ideas that we wouldn’t be successful unless we CURED childhood cancer. Unless we raised MILLIONS of dollars. Unless we got the attention of every doctor and researcher in the world and made strides no one else had. A cure was the only thing on our minds. While a cure remains our number one priority, I realize now that the feeling of Kate’s life having impact is what is most important. Her legacy lives on in people like you, Campbell. Because she touched your life, you’ve carried that flame. There is no greater gift to a parent who has lost a child than that.

Campbell, you’re the first award recipient of the Kate’s Kindness Award – there truly could be no one else. We love you and we thank you!”

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