ARCHIVE: Keep Calm My A**

I am writing this post for a very important cause, but also because my dear friend Jen asked me to be a part of this movement. I’ve posted about this organization before, but today is a special CALL TO ACTION and I hope you, as my friends and family, will support us in this effort.

Jen volunteers for The Truth 365, which is an organization that exists to (1) raise awareness for childhood cancer (2) petition congress to increase the National Cancer Institute budget for childhood cancer from the current 4% to a higher, more dignifying amount for these kids (3) raise money for researchers working on less toxic cures for children diagnosed with pediatric cancer.  All of these things are very near and dear to my heart and, as I have said before, once things “calm down” some with Kate’s treatment, fighting for these warriors will be our new family mission.  What I’m saying is…this won’t be the only post about this topic you’ll hear from me.

The harsh reality is this: 7 children die each day from childhood cancer.  There is a severe lack of funding, particularly in the federal cancer research budget, where childhood cancer receives only 4% of the funds allocated to cancer research.  We are the “lucky” ones who got the “good” kind of cancer.  Can you imagine how hard that is for me to say?  That at least I’m not one of the parents in this video whose child is going to die because their cancer wasn’t as popular as ours??  You can’t imagine how it breaks my heart to feel GLAD that Kate ONLY has ALL.  My heart breaks in its very place for the moms & dads in this video whose babies won’t be cured like mine will.

That is why we need you…please…take a few minutes to watch this brief video to see how you can help.  The film is not asking for money, but a simple request that everyone in your household can do – watch and share the film, then sign and share the petition.

Keep calm and carry on? No thanks. I’d rather raise hell and change the world.

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