ARCHIVE: National Nurses Day

National Nurses Day AppreciationToday is National Nurses Day and even though the majority of our nurses don’t know about, much less read this blog, I wanted to post something today to share with our little world to say thank you.

They say that doctors diagnose, but nurses heal.  That could not be more truthful. We learned very early on that as fantastic as our doctor is (and she really is) it’s the nurses who we would truly come to rely on.

Who answers the panic-stricken mom’s call when your child has vomited up all of her meds and you have no idea how much she’s truly gotten? A nurse. Who takes the time to really learn about your child’s fears & likes to know how to better approach and reward them? A nurse. Who tells the mom week after week “it will get better” even if they’re only doing so to help that mom MAKE IT to next week? A nurse.

9 months ago I had many nurse friends. We had a lot of lovely nurses deliver and care for our daughter in the NICU at Inova Fairfax Hospital and…even several who saved ME a time (or two) during different stages of diabetes…um…stress. 9 months ago, I was not a cancer mom and I didn’t know what an impact nurses would have on my life. Today I know that our lives are forever changed by those who choose this profession. It takes a very, very special person to be a nurse. They are away from their families so they can heal mine and we are forever humbled and grateful for their service.

This post is dedicated to nurses everywhere. If you know one, go hug them. If one has helped you in some way, tell them. Show them the recognition they so richly deserve.

But…to the nurses at Children’s National Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders of Northern Virginia….to the nurses at the PPSU at Inova Fairfax…to the nurses on the 5th floor in the pediatric hematology/oncology wing of Inova Fairfax…thank you from every part of my heart.  Thank you for holding my hand almost as many times as you’ve held Kate’s.

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