An Open Letter to Kendra Scott

My daughter loved my jewelry.

She’d play with it hanging on the hooks in my closet from the time she could stand, and she’d often be found on my lap playing with my bracelets & necklaces but ALWAYS commenting on what she liked best each day. Last night, the fine folks at your store in Reston Town Center invited us to partner with them to launch your gorgeous summer line. This was a big honor for us on many levels – it’s a big and exciting day for your company, and I’m told that we were chosen because the team loved our mission, loved our people and have enjoyed us in the past. To do an event like this where we remember Kate, raise funds for research AND have the opportunity to give back to other moms of patients with childhood cancer means more to me than you could ever really know.

Every touch, every detail was as if I had done it all myself, and the touches were EVERYWHERE and very noticed. The team of vendors that Rebekah sourced for this event, from floral arrangements to wine tastings from One Hope wine left us completely overwhelmed. Your company obviously values those with like minded goals, and it’s truly awesome to sit back and watch it all unfold. It was a gorgeous night.

I obviously enjoy fundraising for my small, but humble organization and I have big plans for the money we raised. But my very favorite part of the evening was toward the end…getting to talk to some of your employees and hearing why THEY are Kendra Scott loyal.

Yep. You make gorgeous jewelry. But that had so very little to do with what they shared.

They love your philosophy. They love the GIFT of being empowered by your leadership to “make someone’s day” in any way they found most appropriate. They thrive off of their work family and sense of community. One person told me that she was able to give a gift to a woman who was out and about for the first time since undergoing treatment for breast cancer and she didn’t feel pretty. This associate talked and talked about how HER day had been made by being able to gift this woman with something to boost her spirit.

I am, without question, a Kendra Scott believer. I love the jewelry, I love the stores, but OH it’s SO MUCH MORE than that. The team of ladies you have at the Reston store are the kind of people I want to be. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you with deepest sincerity for everything you stand for and for the ways you give back. If there is ever anything that we can ever do with or for you, I hope you know that you have a friend in me and in us. And,  as I would say to my Kate every night before bed, my cup runneth over…

Until childhood cancer is extinct,

Lindsay, Kate’s Mom

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