CupKate Container Candle from Pennywick Candles


Container candle: 8oz jar, palm wax, made in America

All proceeds from the sale of this candle will be donated to Kate’s Cause to fight childhood cancer.



Little miss Kate with some messy hair, barefoot, standing on her stool. With her eager smile as she helps Mommy & Gwamma make cupcakes by cracking eggs into the mixer. She watches as the mixer spins round and round blending the ingredients creating the intoxicating aroma of cake batter. As she waits while they bake in the oven the sweet smell of a fresh baked cupcakes begin to fill the room. At last they are done a ready for the delicious buttery frosting. But now comes her very favorite part… the sprinkles. Not just any sprinkles either, rainbow sprinkles… the long kind. She smells just like the cupcakes cooling on the rack with notes of sweet vanilla, sugar, and creamy butter and a dash of Kate sweeter than the yummy frosting.

Your home will be filled with the aroma of delicious cupcakes fresh from the oven and reminds you of days you baked with your own little ones, but without the mess!


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