To the Clinic…and Beyond!

We have just settled back at home after a whirlwind four days of activity celebrating Kate’s birthday. I have so much to say and share so I’ve decided to do so in three posts to give each special day its own attention. Each day seemed better, more moving, more inspiring than the last and each day, I felt more and more like we are exactly where we need to be and my passion for this cause grows on.

Wednesday marked Kate’s 8th birthday; her fourth in Heaven. We started out the day as we’ve done in the past few years, with balloons and pancakes, and we headed to pick up our UHAUL van to load up the 25+ bins & boxes of toys! Truthfully, I lost count as to how many toys and prizes were donated this year, but suffice it to say, it was A LOT.

We first delivered to the hospital, where our beloved Dr. Dulman met us for hugs. Then, we were off to the brand new clinic, which Daddy & Grandma got to see for the very first time. We were met with those who knew and love Kate; some of her nurses, her art therapist and child life specialist. They love the toy drive as much as we do and were so grateful for the support.

Along with the toys, we were able to deliver 12 cases of Girl Scout cookies thanks to our sweet friends at Troop 3015, who had these donated to us for the families in the clinic!

After delivery, Mike & I packed up the car and the big check and headed north to Philly where the whirlwind really began…

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