ARCHIVE: 3 Years Old

Kate a minutes old baby
Minutes old

I don’t remember the exact specifics of how the story goes, but when I was pregnant with Kate, my mom told me a story about how when SHE was pregnant with my sister, she thought she knew how much she would love her baby and that her dad sort of patted her on the head and said…sure you do, honey. But just you wait. And then, once Jamie was born, my grandfather said to mom, “See? Now do you know?” Continue reading “ARCHIVE: 3 Years Old”

ARCHIVE: Nine (better late than never)

Kate enjoying a cake pop on May 15th!
Kate enjoying a cake pop on May 15th!

Well here we are again, sweet girl. Mommy’s late with a blog post. Before motherhood & cancer, I’ll have you know that your momma wasn’t usually ever late for ANYthing, but you might not ever catch a glimpse of that. My how times have changed! Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Nine (better late than never)”

ARCHIVE: Maintenance…Achieved

Kate and mommyTomorrow is an enormous milestone for Kate and for our family. Tomorrow marks the day we will have achieved the phase of treatment we call maintenance…the LAST phase. Yes, it’s 16 months long and yes, she’ll still be at the clinic weekly.  But after that?  WE’LL BE DONE! “Maintenance” just kind of says it all, doesn’t it?  We are, in essence, maintaining her remission. Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Maintenance…Achieved”


Puzzles with daddy at the clinic starting off cycle 9.
Puzzles with daddy at the clinic starting off cycle 9.

To my dearest and most beautiful Kate,

215 days. 5, 160 hours. Eight months. Today marks 8 months since your diagnosis and we’ve hit a pretty rough patch this most recent cycle (cycle 8 of 9.) YES! I DID say 9 cycles! That was the one bright patch in this last month. We learned that consolidation didn’t have 10 cycles, but only 9, which made for quite a nice surprise last month. Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Eight”


Kate in the snowKatertot,

Sigh. I’m late again, baby girl. I’d like to think that by NOT posting exactly on the 15th of each month, that means that we’re getting a bit more used to the craziness that is your treatment schedule and that the anniversary of that day just simply passes my memory.  That’s not at all the case…I always, always reflect on that day and what all has happened in the last seven months. I hate getting used to this, but if it means we can bring a little more normalcy to your life because of it, then so be it. Continue reading “ARCHIVE: Seven”