This is Love. Every card we received the first month, covering our king size bed.
This is Love. Every card we received the first month, covering our king size bed.

Dear Kate,

There are so many raw emotions coursing through me as I sit to write this but it feels nearly impossible to convey what is in my heart. I could tell you all about the memories of this day…a year ago that you were diagnosed. When I think back on those first hours, days and weeks, it would be easy to recall the crushing sadness we felt and the all-consuming fear. Honestly, I’m just coming around to where those feelings don’t haunt me every day. But the real truth is, the overwhelming emotion that comes to mind from the last year…is love. Love from every corner of our world. So, Kate, on this first anniversary of your diagnosis, I will write you a story like one of your favorite books, What is Love Biscuit? Continue reading “Twelve”

What Remains

Maybe it’s the stinkin’ hot weather and the wet bathing suits hanging in our mud room from Kate playing in her little inflatable pool. Maybe it’s all the beautiful babies in my mom’s group turning one year older and the memory of all of their parties this time last year. Perhaps it’s the visual reminder of the calendar pages flipping by inching us closer and closer to August. These days I’m feeling overwhelmed by sentimentality of…it all. Continue reading “What Remains”

3 Years Old

Kate a minutes old baby
Minutes old

I don’t remember the exact specifics of how the story goes, but when I was pregnant with Kate, my mom told me a story about how when SHE was pregnant with my sister, she thought she knew how much she would love her baby and that her dad sort of patted her on the head and said…sure you do, honey. But just you wait. And then, once Jamie was born, my grandfather said to mom, “See? Now do you know?” Continue reading “3 Years Old”


Kate and mommyTomorrow is an enormous milestone for Kate and for our family. Tomorrow marks the day we will have achieved the phase of treatment we call maintenance…the LAST phase. Yes, it’s 16 months long and yes, she’ll still be at the clinic weekly.  But after that?  WE’LL BE DONE! “Maintenance” just kind of says it all, doesn’t it?  We are, in essence, maintaining her remission. Continue reading “Maintenance…Achieved”