Angel on Earth…Now in Heaven

“Mommy, Vincent is my friend. And he loves me so much.”

“Yes, honey, I’m sure he does. Vincent is full of love.”

“No, mommy, I KNOW he does! He told me! And I love him, too!”

There is no question in my mind that Vincent Alexander was sent to us to be an angel here on earth. No sweeter boy has ever lived, I promise you that. So full of love that on our VERY first day at our new clinic (Kate had been in treatment for 2 months) without even knowing him, Vincent came up behind Mike and hugged him. Kate and Vincent met over studying the fish in the tanks and a friendship was formed. And how lucky am I that his mom was with him that day…because a friendship was formed with her, too. It’s not at all hard to see where Vincent’s love came from – his mom has been an amazing friend to us in our time of greatest need.

I am so sorry, Christie, that now it’s my turn to repay you.

I am so sorry, Vincent, that we didn’t have what you needed here on this Earth. I am so sorry for all of the struggles you have been through, sweet boy. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are more free now than you’ve been in a very long time, and that you are running and cartwheeling, but more importantly, you are hugging and loving and doing that thing you do best. Vincent, I promise that I will look after your momma here. I promise to speak of you, to remember you, to continue to love you and to continue to fight for kids just like you.

Last May, just months after Kate left for Heaven, I saw Vincent at a Kyle’s Kamp tournament game. We were on the same field Kate had gotten to see her team play just the year before. I wasn’t sure I should even be there…without her. I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere, but her boys, her TEAM, were playing for her. I had to see them honor her.

Vincent was feeling good enough that day to get out and see his team, too. He and his mom came right up to us and Vincent sat down next to me. He put his hand on my knee and said “I want to sing you a song.” My God, I swear I don’t know if anyone heard it, but darned if that boy didn’t sing “This Little Light of Mine” right there, to just me. If ever I had felt the presence of God and the angels, that moment tops my list.

Christie, your boy is Heaven sent. There are no words to make his return there feel okay because there are none. We love you. We are here with you, hand in hand and always will be.

Rest in sweet and heavenly peace, dear Vincent. Go find my girl. She loves you, too.

2 thoughts on “Angel on Earth…Now in Heaven”

  1. I’m so, so sorry Lindsay! This is so beautifully written. What a special little boy! I’m so sorry they both suffered so much, but I hope that the knowledge that they are together and pain free brings a little bit of comfort. Christie is so blessed to have you by her side through this most difficult trial. Sending both of your families prayers of comfort and peace and lots of love! ❤

  2. Oh Lindsay, I have met you once, CUREFEST 2018! You gave me a hug, a Kate’s Cause button with her beautiful picture & with your hug, I knew that all the FB posts had made us friends. Your post to honor Vincent is so beautiful. The entire message is of love. You & Christie lost your beautiful children before they had even really lived. I do not understand this yet they both left immense legacies of love & caring. Your words were heaven sent.
    Thank you so much

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