Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – Day 2

I became (truly) aware of childhood cancer on August 15, 2013 when my baby, my beautiful Kate Olivia was diagnosed with high-risk pre-b acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 2 years, 2 months and 10 days old.

I have to say that I “knew” of childhood cancer before that…my sister’s friend had a daughter that had battled cancer before (and had been re-diagnosed just days before Kate.) I’m sick over the fact that my reaction was something to the effect of “oh no, how sad” and “I’ll pray for them.”

I had no idea what the family had been through. I had no idea what we were about to face.

BUT. I would come to learn the harsh, painful realities of the woefully underfunded research, the treatment effects and just how devastating and wide-spread this disease REALLY was. Rare? No. No, absolutley not.

So tell us. When did YOU become aware? Will you spread the word and help others learn the truth, too?

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