Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – Day 1

Today is September 1st and the first day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. I know that for many bereaved parents (those in treatment too) struggle with this month. Screaming, shouting, turning everything in our lives as gold as we can possibly make them…we feel frustrated at the lack of movement. The lack of awareness.

I may be naive, but I feel like progress is being made; albeit little by little. Even still, with the biggest and greatest advancements we’ve seen yet (with the RACE act becoming law & the introduction of therapy specifically for leukemia patients)…it’s all to late for us.

It’s hard to keep going. BUT I will. As much as I hate it, this is a part of our lives now, childhood cancer. And awareness month brings us together, which is precisely what we need.

I want to acknowledge & recognize that you are ALL already advocates. You’ve all chosen to be here on your own free will, whether it’s because you have a child of your own who has had cancer, or because you are otherwise awesome people who joined our fight simply because you KNOW it’s not right how these kids suffer and struggle. What we need is more people like YOU. More people who care simply because caring about our future is the only thing that matters. People who aren’t aware today, but will be tomorrow. We can’t make EVERYONE take note, but let’s try to help every single way that we can, even if it’s for just one more.

So what I ask of you, my beloved Kate’s Cause Supporters, is to share, share, share. Anything we post, anything any other Childhood Cancer Awareness organization posts. Share and don’t be afraid of people blocking your posts, de-friending you or otherwise. Let’s use social media for something GOOD this month and not worry about who likes it and who doesn’t. Use hashtags #childhoodcancerawarenessmonth #morethanfour#kidsareworthmorethangold #untilchildhoodcancerisextinct or any others you make up that get our message across.

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE.

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