The First Day of School…That Wasn’t

The day after Labor Day means the unofficial start of fall and here, in our county, it marks the first day of school. Kate should be starting kindergarten today. She should have been dropped off this morning with a new backpack full of supplies a cute new outfit on…and a bow in her hair. There should be a first day photo of her proudly smiling on our front porch. A classroom with a teacher excited to learn more about her. A desk with her name.

Childhood cancer took that right away from my little girl. It stole the opportunity of a lifetime of learning, starting right here, today. In a classroom at Dranseville Elementary School with new friends, new books, new people and new hope.

Instead of dropping her off and worrying about her all day, I visited her at the cemetery and miss her beautiful face.

This is childhood cancer. This is my life.

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