It’s Toy Drive Day!

Yesterday was HARD. (Really hard.) Kate’s 6th birthday here (her 2nd in heaven) was rainy, dreary and sad. I’d say even harder than last year and that’s saying something.

We’d just come off a high from the launch party, which I will post about soon, but late in the day, a small team of us loaded up the trucks in the pouring rain and drove to the clinic. It was Kate’s birthday…which meant it was TOY DRIVE DAY!

The brief moment of joy we found came in the form of mommy, daddy & grandma, two full trucks, a handful of nurses, a child life specialist, an art therapist and one very special doctor. We didn’t take pictures once there, but the result was the same.

BECAUSE OF YOU….Kate’s Cause was able to deliver OVER 500 toys packed into 16 (!!) bins and 3 bags which included action figures, games, art projects, blind bags, gift cards, poker sets, legos and even some super cool bravery jewelry & mermaid tail blankets for some of the older kids. An ADDITIONAL 6 boxes will be delivered to Kate’s treatment hospital, INOVA Children’s, later this week.

We were told that this delivery came at the perfect time and our team there at the clinic was thrilled to receive it. I assured them THIS was going to be an annual thing. Because of YOU, there will be over 500 smiles this year – for kids reaching milestones such as the end of a particularly brutal round of chemo, for kids celebrating birthdays, for siblings being super helpful, for patients needing just a little something special for being extra brave when it gets really hard and (my favorite) for kids finishing treatment.

Thank you, Kate’s Cause. We have you to thank for loving our girl on her birthday. See what love can do?

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