Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

A year ago today my house, my heart and my LIFE were so full of love I could’ve burst. I was truly the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. Family and friends in town for a celebration of life, victory and health….one year ago today was Kate’s “No More Chemo” party.

I will never pretend to understand why we were given this remarkable gift only to have it ripped away. While selfish, I know I could have handled her cancer again. I could have handled her relapse. I could handle anything thrown our way…but not this. Not what happened.

And yet, I know how lucky we were. I KNOW there are families who never even got the OPTION of this day. Because there is no “done.” There was no “better.” For this reason, and because she deserved a LIFETIME of this right here…I celebrate my beautiful, precious, smart, kind and LOVED little girl.

I love you my angel. I loved this day last year and I loved every single minute I spent planning, crafting and talking about it with you. I imagine heaven is just as full of pink and gold glitter, sparkles, painted faces and balloon lady bugs. I imagine you and your beautiful, perfect friends playing on heaven’s playgrounds for hours.

Twinkle, twinkle little star…do you know how loved you are?

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